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They saw her in the battlegrounds

And couldn’t help but laugh

at her fragility they mocked

“Nah! she has no fight in her.”

They declared in not so many words.

She did not protest, did not defend

Her quietude did all the more offend

those who felt she must be sent

back to the shrine for she couldn’t 

be given a chance for even trying.


As she came forward, they were left surprised

For the fragility was gone

and she was, as if reborn

as, a rare blend of many creatures surfaced in her features

 Her hawkeyed alertness

 Her Panthera agility and fearlessness

 All spoke of her flexible stance

They stood agape, completely in trance

to witness this fantasy tale unfold

which, for posterity they told 

and held her in veneration forever

And in their hearts they honoured

the memory of thist

the goddess, the warrior,  the woman….


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