Happy Father’s Day

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I look at my father with despise
He has no nerve and that’s his biggest vice.
I declare nonchalantly,
for, I am in my prime
and reckless gaiety intrudes my system without an invite
settling stubbornly to stay till the age declines…
It is the essence of the spiritedness that goes so well inline with the games of life.
‘Action now and think later’
Isn’t it so well catered in every indulgence exhibited by us standing at the brink of adulthood, mocking and caring no more for those precious words of advice?’
My old man looked at me and threw a despondent smile, “It is not you who defy. It is that passionate, invigorated beast called Youth that has been unleashed and now you stand slave till you pass this awfully, unpredictable stage….”

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