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Morning brought another gloomy, hot day

I dressed up mechanically, as this was mundane

Impatiently thrusting half-burnt toast down my throat

I reached for the daily with my fork

As it always happens

I found nothing of interest

Except for the page last but one

Where was something new to learn

It was the horoscope for the day

I must confess, I am obsessed

The only column, that for some time

Keeps me engaged

It said I must be careful today

For someone may entice me with charm

But it would be short-lived

And it can cause harm

So, if possible I must stay indoors

Reluctantly I picked up my satchel and stepped out

Bracing myself for the mishap profound

Missing the only thing to notice

The Scorching sun had a moment of doubt

As it was overshadowed by a patch of cloud

As I trotted towards my workplace

I was hit by a magical waft

For it was more than a draft

As it took me to trance

That sweet earthy fragrance!

showering me with nostalgic love

Suddenly the boredom was shoved


For I pranced with delight

As it tickled me from all sides

I couldn’t resist the temptation for long

For my heart just found a soulful song

My horoscope said it right

I felt light and no longer bored

Who can be,

once they are charmed by this darling, naughty petrichor!

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