Accolades and Accomplishments

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The girl with short hair, small eyes, and a tiny nose!
I remember you the first time in a strange pose
lost in self-criticism of the reflection that rose
from the mist of qualms
too awkward, self-conscious
confused and alarmed
to let the Phoenix rise from the ashes.
Looking for approval from the world
evasive and obscure
your juvenile days suggested so
afraid to be outrageous
without any spark of adventure
dull, almost bleak
as the foremost thought
was to please
others rather than the self
and to go to any extent
to make them happy
at the cost of being spent.

They say it takes some tragedies
to help you reconstruct
your life to sing new melodies
When losses galore,
the time comes to redefine and explore
some new horizons
that no more are bound by conventions
of the yore…

I admit, dear girl, it was difficult to bridge the gap
between the time lost and you’re previous
Yet the passion when ignited
holds the flame
and there was no more shame
in accepting your own entity
as your new identity.

It happened so one day
the girl with short hair, small eyes, and a tiny nose
stared back at her likeness in the reflector again
and unearthed something that
she had been missing
all these years
It was her chin, that stood alone
making no bones
straight and determined
to fight for her choices
Paying no heed to those voices
that ridiculed and mocked her.

Dearest, that was the day
when something stirred
in your inner soul to let
you acknowledge your role
in your own existence
and to no more procrastinate
or to hesitate
your desires, your yearnings
that await
you in a new avatar

So, the girl with short hair was
ready to break the shackles
of the old beliefs and impressions
and to liberate her thoughts
to stand against all odds
completely aware
of her wants
Small eyes that at last lost their drowsiness and
pierced through the pretentiousness
to no more be petrified by judgments.
Tiny nose that began to sniff the fresh waters
to pour on those dormant quarters
where the real strength resided
And the pointed chin
set the sails where
the heart took.

There I find you today,
you beautiful woman
writing your own tale
soaked in self-love
finally, ready to shove
yourself to go beyond
the bounds
to let yourself be found
by the realms of those
untouched grounds
that lead to fresh meadows
and green pastures
Where the spirit in rapture
witness the bud unfolds
into a flower
to be showered by
joys of discovering
what was lost under
the pile of obligations and burdens
of being nice….
That girl with short hair, small eyes, tiny nose, pointed chin
now wears a confident smile…
and is ready to walk that extra mile
to win the battles with pride
The pride that
she is no more shy to
acknowledge as her prize
so well deserved for
the endeavours
hard-earned, sometimes failed
Nevertheless tried…..with a willing heart
indifferent to the appraisals of the tribe

And to this girl, I send all my love
the one who fought with the demons
which crouch inside every human soul
but not many have the courage to
pull oneself out from the dungeons
of self despise……

So now the girl with short hair, small eyes, tiny nose, pointed chin, and confident smile is finally liberated
to live her life at her own price…

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